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Francis supplies a mobile locksmith service serving the Costa Calida. ADS Locksmiths is partner to ADS Property Location Services.

We are a legally registered company providing a local service with local pricing, enabling you to avoid any national charges.

Francis is on hand 24 hours, 7 days a week with no call out fees, and will give you a professional and reliable service.

We support commercial and domestic works including access support, door opening service; lost your keys or locked out, we can get you back in. All types of locks changed.

If you have just bought a property or premises, do you know who has all the keys, why not have your locks changed professionally?

Francis will supply and fit all locks to give you security and peace of mind at home or in your work place.

Call Francis on: (+34) 600 255 250 Find us through What's App and Face Book or email us at


These days, with increasing crime rates, it is natural that a responsible home or business owner takes the threat of a break-in seriously. Remember that, when it comes to break-ins the majority are carried out by opportunists, rather than by professional burglars, and nearly always take place when the property is unoccupied.

The majority of break-ins are committed with the property empty, and with easy access and escape routes. Robbery is less likely if an intruder needs to spend a lot of time and effort getting in or out of the property, with the risk of them attracting attention rising, therefore better security measures means the intruders will be deterred.

Adopting a few simple security measures around your property will discourage burglars and protect your home or business.

Is your home safe and secure?

To evaluate any possible security measures necessary for yourself, imagine for one moment a burglar trying to enter your property.

Where would they strike?
Below, you will find a list of potential weak points that should be checked:

  • Front doors. If possible these doors should have at least one multi-point (bolt) security lock or bar with copy-protected keys protected by reinforced anti-drill security casing. It is advisable to have a spy hole plus a door retainer or door chain. Consider further safety by installing a Reja (steel security gate) with high security locking systems.
  • Side doors, patio doors and backdoors. These should get the same considerations as the front door.
  • Lock systems. When taking over a new property, do not be tempted to swap locks with a neighbour. Always invest in new locks with high security cylinders.
  • Street-level windows. These are the most common point of uninvited entry. If there is no Reja (steel security grills) install simple window locks on any accessible windows.
  • Upper level windows. Special attention should be given to windows that can be reached from a flat roof, railing etc, or those obscured from the street by trees, hedges or fences. All vulnerable windows should be secured with suitable window locks.
  • Garages, stores and garden sheds. These often contain tools that can prove useful to a burglar. Secure doors with good quality fitted locks or padlocks.
  • Security lighting. Lighting that can be activated by movement sensors is an effective element in deterring burglars, as well as providing a welcoming light for the user and their legitimate visitors. These should be placed at strategic access points around the exterior of the building.
  • Smoke detectors. It is good practice to install these systems in fire hazard areas and communal areas in the building.
  • Gas detectors. If your property has any gas appliances a detector should be installed in the vicinity of any gas burners or fire.

Precautions to consider:

Invest in security:
Do not cut costs when it comes to security locks or reinforced doors.

Elementary precautions:
Installing security locks is the first step. The second is to be aware of the importance of their use: remember around a third of break-ins occur through doors or windows that have been left open. Establish a checking routine of doors and windows prior to going out or going to bed for the night.

Don't take risks:
Don't leave keys in locks. Resist the temptation of leaving the key under the doormat or flowerpot. This may be handy for you, but can make it very convenient for the burglar.

When on holiday:
Ask a relative, neighbour, friend or associate to periodically empty your mailbox and check over your property. Do not leave messages like, 'I am on holiday.....' on your answering machine.

Security mark your property:
It is advisable to security mark your valuable objects with your address and postal code. There are marker pens on the market that can only be read under ultra-violet light. These can be found at DIY centres or hardware stores.

Check the identity of callers:
When someone calls at your property identifying themselves as an employee of the gas, water or electricity, or indeed any company, insist that they identify themselves prior to giving them access. If you still have any doubts call the company to verify their ID before allowing them entry. If possible make prior arrangements for visits from companies that supply the above services.

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